A Clear Path to Carbon Neutral

Introducing the Global Emissions Offset™, a new way to trade carbon. The GEO provides companies with a streamlined way to meet compliance and voluntary carbon goals.

The GEO enables market participants to buy carbon offsets—without having to evaluate the vast universe of disparate offset projects. That’s because underlying every GEO contract is an offset that meets the stringent eligibility criteria defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization for CORSIA.

The GEO contract is traded on the CBL Markets exchange and provides liquidity, transparent price discovery, and a reliable benchmark for the global carbon market.

The GEO contract was designed with input from corporations, financial institutions, trading firms, project developers, NGOs, industry associations, and leading carbon standards organizations. The CORSIA-approved assets underpinning the GEO eliminate much of the operational requirements of trading offsets, because you can trust that you’re purchasing carefully vetted projects.

A Simple Way to Transact High-Quality Carbon Offsets

The GEO is tradable on CBL Markets, the world’s leading spot commodity exchange. CBL offers access to a broad range of individual carbon-offset projects from leading registries, enabling unparalleled choice. But for those who don’t want to choose—or don’t have the staff to vet individual projects—the GEO provides a turnkey solution. When you buy a GEO, you purchase a specific underlying project that meets ICAO-CORSIA criteria.

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