Connecting buyers and sellers to achieve climate mitigation

We connect buyers and sellers of environmental commodities to projects that create measurable impacts, mitigating climate change through a secure and transparent exchange

Why offset?

Many businesses are concerned about their impact on the environment and want to make a contribution to reducing their emissions – measuring your carbon footprint and going carbon neutral is a great way to contribute and provides additional benefits.

Cost savings

Competitive edge

Brand strength

Business leadership

Reduce environmental impact

Meet UN Sustainable Development Goals + more

Engage staff & consumers

Prepare for future compliance

Access 800+ voluntary projects 24/7

Our projects sequester billions of tons of CO2 and have significant co-benefits, including conserving threatened ecosystems and restoring vital environments; protecting endangered wildlife; and uplifting impoverished communities.

By joining the exchange you will have 24/7 access to a range of credit types including Climate Reserve Tonnes, Emissions Reduction Tonnes, Verified Carbon Units and Verified Emission Reductions. You will also have access to international products via a wholly-owned subsidiary including Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) and Emission Reduction Units (ERUs).

We help you tell a story

We can assist you with creative marketing to engage employees and stakeholders, compelling storytelling to engage consumers and effective campaigns to reach your target audience.

Why CBL Markets?

CBL Markets provides a trusted and transparent marketplace where businesses can buy offsets with confidence in the quality and origin of the products being sold.

Secure access

Easy to use

Transparent pricing


Immediate transactions

International standards

Are you offsetting?

We can help you incorporate offsetting into your sustainability strategy, with a wide range of projects available. Apply now using the forms below:

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