Trading Platform Access

CBL Markets can be accessed during the advertised trading hours. It is provided over the Internet, using the latest HTML5/CSS3 technology for fast and responsive performance, and it does require the latest commercial web browser in the market. 

The exchange platform has been fully tested and performs best on:

  • Google Chrome v.42 or greater
  • Mozilla Firefox v.38 or greater
  • Microsoft Edge v.23 or greater

Browser extensions and plugins may interfere with the performance of the web application, so in the event of connectivity, performance or reliability issues, we recommend these extensions and plugins to be disabled.

We have seen degraded performance with Safari Web Browsers and severe issues with MS Internet Explorer, and we do not recommend the use of these browsers at present.

We do not recommend the use of mobile browser to access the web application. The mobile version of Google Chrome (iOS and Android) provides limited functionality. Our efforts to improve this are continuing, but due to high amount of information on the screen of our platform, it is difficult to navigate, may behave and show unexpected results, due to the sensitive nature of the touch screen on these devices.

Our roadmap includes a native mobile app, which will be released soon to the Apple AppStore and Google Play. The mobile app is being designed with a better user interface, with dedicated touch support and catered for the dimensions of mobile device screens.

Firewalls are important for the secure operations of every organisation, including ours. Our platform uses highly secure methods to ensure fast and responsive market data and events communications, between your client browser and our servers.

The exchange platform supports the following protocols:

HTTPS (secure HTTP)
SSL/TLS (secure TCP)

The HTTPS protocol uses the SSL protocol to establish secure connections over the HTTP layer. The platform also uses the SSL/TLS protocol to establish secure connections over the TCP layer.

Our servers listen and accept connection on TCP port 443 only.

There are instances where a participant may encounter problems logging into the platform. Please try the following steps.

  1. Clear your browser cache and if necessary restart the web browser;
  2. Disable all browser extensions and plugins;
  3. Wherever possible try to log in from a different office or location;
  4. Contact your network administrator and ensure there are no application firewall rules, or content interception gateways that may be blocking traffic to our platform.

Ensure your network administrator allows traffic interception bypass to *, including the apex domain

This domain is exclusively used for the exchange platform services and this will ensure that our backend services route your traffic requests in the most efficient manner.

An alternative is to allow multiple rules to all our direct regional gateways and endpoints. Due to our own security processes and requirements to segregate certain endpoints in the case of an incident, we reserve the right to add, remove or change parts of the information below at any time. We will update this page whenever that occurs.

  1. Generic
    • and (HTTPS/TCP:443)
    • and (HTTPS/TCP:443)
  2. Specific (multi-region redundancy)
    • (HTTPS/TCP:443)
    • (HTTPS/TCP:443)
    • (HTTPS/TCP:443)
    • (HTTPS/TCP:443)
    • (HTTPS/TCP:443)

Please click here to download a PDF of the Trading Platform Access FAQ.

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