• Increased liquidity, several key partnerships and addition of Australian gas auctions sees significant trading growth for Company

NEW YORK, SYDNEY – 31 January 2019 – CBL Markets, leading spot exchange operator for environmental commodity markets, today announced a record trading year in 2018, attributed to increased liquidity, new contract launches and several key partnerships with renowned industry players.

CBL Markets reported an increase in total number of transactions of 308% year-on-year from 2017 to 2018. This was led by compliance which was up 574%, water which increased by 234%, and voluntary by 43%. CBL also reported six record trading months throughout the year.

In addition, the Company reported a 382% increase year-on-year for the same period for total lots traded on the exchange, resulting in 20,892 lots traded. The most significant increase has been in US compliance markets which were launched in 2017 and continue to show exponential growth.

Notable partnerships with renowned industry players including Tasmanian Gas Pipeline and Xpansiv have paved the way for expansion into new markets, and the development of new products which are available on the platform.

CBL Markets has been operating in commodity markets since 2009, providing transparency and price discovery in spot physical commodity markets. CBL initially launched in the global carbon markets, and has since expanded into the renewable energy, water, and gas markets.

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CBL Markets is a global exchange providing market participants with access to the world’s energy and environmental commodity markets. With a vision of bringing efficiency, transparency and liquidity to commodities markets, our exchange connects buyers and sellers around the world to facilitate the secure and seamless trading of energy and environmental commodities, including carbon, renewable energy, water, and gas.

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