• Enables seamless trading between environmental spot and futures markets

CHICAGO, NEW YORK, LONDON, SYDNEY – 24 January 2017 CBL Markets, the leading spot exchange operator for environmental commodity markets, today announced that CBL California Carbon Allowance (CCA) futures from CME Group will be available via CBL Markets exchange, enabling seamless trading between environmental spot and futures markets.

Initially, market participants will be able to submit emission market products for clearing, including the CCA futures contracts and existing EU Emissions products, through CBL Markets to CME ClearPort. CCA futures, which are listed by and subject to the rules of the NYMEX, will also be available on 27 February to transact on CME Globex.

“We’re pleased to offer these exchange-cleared futures contracts via CBL Markets,” said Peter Keavey, CME Group Global Head of Energy. “This will benefit participants in CBL Markets by providing them with access to price discovery and risk transfer using cleared CCA futures alongside of spot emissions products.”

As demand for environmental commodities increases, the addition of CCA futures and EU Emissions products to CBL Markets will generate much-needed liquidity across a range of products. Having CCA futures available alongside spot products will enable CBL Market users to electronically access exchange-cleared environmental futures contracts from CME Group through the CBL Markets platform.

“We are excited to connect to CME ClearPort to expand environmental commodity trading,” comments Nathan Rockliff, Managing Director, North America at CBL Markets. “Liquidity and transparency are critical to efficient trading. We believe by converging spot and futures products on to a single screen will yield valuable opportunities for all market participants.”

The ability to have spot and futures products on a single screen opens up unique access to a centralized pool of liquidity for both contracts. As a result, firms can implement more comprehensive and competitive trading and risk management strategies.

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