• APX VCS Registry, Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve and American Carbon Registry support relaunch of voluntary carbon products on new technology platform
  • Record trading month in December with over 2.6m tonnes of voluntary carbon offsets transacted

NEW YORK, LONDON, SYDNEY11 January 2017 – CBL Markets, an exchange operator for environmental commodity markets, today announced the relaunch of voluntary carbon products on its new technology platform, already hitting a record trading month in December with over 2.6m tonnes of offsets transacted through the exchange.

The significant volume was across 11 transactions, predominantly from renewable energy projects throughout Asia. CBL Markets continues to provide transparency and price discovery in a market which has historically relied on over-the-counter trading.

“Voluntary carbon products have always been part of our core value proposition, and now market participants can trade these products alongside other Australian and North American environmental commodities on one screen,” comments Ben Stuart, Managing Director, Australia. “To relaunch these products with a record trading month is an exciting milestone for the team and we look forward to further expanding our offering this year.”

CBL Markets continues its partnerships with key environmental registries and standards including APX VCS Registry, The Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve, and the American Carbon Registry, to ensure all major international offset types will be available to trade on the platform. These registries and standards ensure the offsets under their certifications are of the highest quality and are recognised as the benchmark in the industry.

“We’re grateful to continue our longstanding relationships with APX VCS Registry, The Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve and the American Carbon Registry to offer businesses a simple, secure and transparent way to take action on climate change,” adds Nathan Rockliff, Managing Director, North America. “These partnerships ensure businesses can continue to access high quality offsets in a cost effective and efficient manner.”

CBL Markets has been operating in the voluntary carbon market since 2009, launching a new brand and technology platform in July 2016. This announcement follows the launch of the RGGI CO2 Allowance spot contract and the California Carbon Allowance (CCA) spot contract, both of which launched in 2016.

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